Earthquake Simulation Tests of High-Rise RC Residential Buildings (NEES-2014-1256)

By Han Seon Lee

Korea University

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Title: Earthquake Simulation Tests of High-Rise RC Residential Buildings (NEES-2014-1256)

Year Of Curation: 2014

Description: The structural systems for the residential apartments, which cover more than 58% of the total number of the residential units in Korea, are generally high-rise reinforced concrete bearing-wall(Box type) systems, or high-rise(30 stories or higher) tower type of shear-wall core plus flat-plate system. These high-rise structural systems for residential apartments lack the research in the field of earthquake engineering world-wide when compared with other systems. Since the economical loss due to damage of the residential units generally appears to occupy more than half of the total when a severe earthquake strikes a regional society in review of the cases of past severe earthquakes in the world, it is very important to investigate the seismic performance of these structural systems used for high-rise residential apartment buildings, and to establish preventive and remedial strategies for the seismic safety. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to clarify the seismic response characteristics of these structures(i.e. stiffness, strength, energy absorption capacity, deformability, and so on) by performing earthquake-simulation tests on the small-scale models of high-rise bearing-wall and tower-type building structures.

(First step) First year: Preliminary study on earthquake-simulation test
(First step) Second year: Earthquake-simulation test on the 10-story bearing-wall structure
(First step) Third year: Earthquake simulation test on the piloti-type bearing-wall structure
(Second step) First year: Earthquake simulation tests on the 25-story flat-plate core wall structure (Second step) Second year: Overall evaluation of seismic performance of high-rise RC residential buildings

Award: National Research Foundation of Korea - NRF - 2009-0078771

PIs & CoPIs: Han Seon Lee

Dates: May 1, 2009 to February 28, 2014

Organizations: Korea University, Seoul, South Korea,  Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China

Facilities: Korea University, Seoul, South Korea

Sponsor: National Research Foundation of Korea - NRF - 2009-0078771

Keywords: reinforced concrete, bearing-wall structure, flat-plate core wall structure, earthquake simulation test, seismic performance, small-scale model, residential apartment building, similitude

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