Seismic Vulnerability Survey of Undamaged Reinforced Concrete Buildings

By Ian Watkinson1, Aishwarya Y Puranam2, Chungwook Sim2, Ayhan Irfanoglu2, Santiago Pujol2, Mete Sozen2

1. Royal Holloway University of London 2. Purdue University

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This dataset contains building information data of 60 low-rise reinforced concrete buildings that were collected during seismic vulnerability assessment in Mandalay, Myanmar.  The seismic vulnerability survey was performed with a goal to compute the Priority Index proposed by Hassan and Sozen (1997).  Dr. Ian Watkinson worked with a local team to collect a total number of 293 photographs of 60 structures which were constructed with reinforced concrete or concrete masonry units. The latitude, longitude, priority index, no. of floors, 1st floor area, total floor are, column area, concrete wall area, masonry wall area, presence of captive columns, column index, and wall index is provided for the 60 buildings.




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  • Ian Watkinson; Aishwarya Y Puranam; Chungwook Sim; Ayhan Irfanoglu; Santiago Pujol; Mete Sozen (2015), "Seismic Vulnerability Survey of Undamaged Reinforced Concrete Buildings,"

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  1. Total Floor Area
  2. structural engineering
  3. reinforced concrete
  4. Prioirty Index
  5. low-rise reinforced concrete buildings
  6. Hassan Index
  7. field data
  8. seismic vulnerability assessment
  9. databases
  10. Concrete Wall Area
  11. Column Area
  12. Captive Columns
  13. Myanmar
  14. Mandalay