Centrifuge Test Plan for Test Series SHD02

By Shideh Dashti, Jonathan Bray, Dan Wilson, (unknown)

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Test series 2 investigates the seismic performance of a scale model of the prototype soil-foundation-structural system at liquefied and softened ground sites. This test series is anticipated to develop insight into the foundation movement of structures at sites undergoing liquefaction. The timing, sequence, and location of soil strength loss in the vicinity of the structures were documented closely. The documentation of the effects of Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction (SFSI) and the seismic performance of three different types of structures at liquefied and softened ground sites (with Nevada sand and Adapazari silt as the liquefiable loose saturated sandy material) is valuable, because analytical methods for evaluating these effects are extremely limited at this time. Engineers generally apply methods developed for estimating the freefield seismic settlement of clean sand deposits to evaluate how much the ground and possibly the building foundation may displace.

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