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  1. Base Excitation of a Nonlinear Energy Sink Device

    13 Aug 2018 | Contributor(s):: Alana Lund, Christian Silva

    In this study a nonlinear energy sink (NES) device was constructed, which has the property of dissipating energy from the main structure over a wide range of frequencies due to its geometric  configuration. The NES device consists of a mass (0.65kg with dimensions 4.5cmx4.5cmx7cm)...

  2. Tests of Continuous Beams with Large Reinforcement Ratios

    31 Jul 2018 | Contributor(s):: Aishwarya Y. Puranam, Santiago Pujol

    Tests of continuous beams were conducted to investigate maximum longitudinal reinforcement limits (currently expressed in terms of net tensile strain) and moment redistribution at that limit. The following hypothesis was tested:Nominally identical continuous beams, one with nearly the...