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Jason Lloyd

Multiple users data entry

Can we make it so that anyone can add data to the website?  For example, I am involved with the Steel Bridge Database and we would like it so that an engineer from industry that has possession of some historic bridge steel properties, could add that information to this website without us having to be involved.  Also, as it stands now I have to go through Chungwook to add more data as we are able to obtain it.  Eventually it would be good if I could do that myself.     

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  1. Ann Christine . Catlin

    Dear Jason, We have added a "share" capability for entering data into datasets. The dataset creator can click on the Share button next to the dataset title on the dashboard, and add users with member roles. Any added member can add and update data in the dataset. Please let me know if this answers your request! Thanks, AC

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  2. Lisa G. Bonner


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