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Max Velin

How to choose a women's bike?

I have noticed that most of the bikes produced by modern manufacturers are designed for the male body type and are incapable of providing maximum comfort for the cyclist. How do I choose a bicycle that is comfortable for a woman to ride?

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    Helen Green

    Among fans of a healthy lifestyle there are people of different sexes, but I also noticed that it is women who face certain difficulties in choosing a bicycle. The bike should have certain technical characteristics, which provide a cycling fan with maximum comfort when riding. And I met best women's bike for casual riding on this site. Also, pay attention to bicycles with a special frame geometry, which implies a lowered top tube. This allows you to ride comfortably in any clothing, including dresses.

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    Mark Bartra

    I would choose in this case a bike with a low weight because it makes it easier to transport it. This is achieved by a lightweight frame made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, made by batting technology.

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