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Mark Bartra

Have you ever used C2C?

Consumer-to-consumer, an acronym commonly used as C2C, is a common practice in marketing in which commercial or economic activities are conducted between consumers themselves using specific websites or spaces offered by companies. Have you ever used one of these?

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    Helen Green

    Of course I did. I like that build c2c marketplace is not too difficult and this platform assumes the existence of a form of sale between people who take advantage of certain types of exchange platforms that have appeared with the advent of new technologies and the rapid growth of the Internet. In this way, in this environment, business transactions can be made between individuals and without the participation of the companies producing the products in question.

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    Max Velin

    In exchange for providing the space, tools, and security for this type of transaction, the web portals that host this type of commerce are entitled to receive a certain commission for each sale that occurs on your platform as payment for your services.

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    alajy alajy alajy

    I also recently worked on creating a tutorial, but on data mining. And specialists from  helped me with this. Thanks to their professionalism, I managed to pass the work done correctly and get the highest score.

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    Kean Sargent

    I am familiar with a similar form, but it is known as P2P. The article brilliantly describes it. So, what is the distinction? C2C is an abbreviation for customer-to-customer, and P2P is an abbreviation for peer-to-peer. Both concepts are concerned with consumers or individuals interacting with one another. The main distinction is that in C2C, a company or other third party stands between the buyer and the seller (or sender and receiver).

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