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Max Velin

I need a drawer.

I need some kind of drawers or something similar where I can store tools for my car. Maybe even a whole set. Can you advise?

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    Helen Green

    Toolboxes car can be installed on the frame of cars as the native mounts, and on any suitable size and stiffness from the old boxes, the box with a bracket is easier to install. So I think this will work for you. At you can browse through the options and choose something suitable for you. On frequent trips, especially long distances, the truck becomes a second home for the driver, where every cubic centimeter of space is important. That's why many people even bother with drawers.

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    Mark Bartra

    Obviously, a cabin cluttered even with the most essential things is not conducive to comfort, especially during daily and strenuous work. Agree, order and space in the cab makes the trip more comfortable and therefore more productive!

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