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Max Velin

Why is math complicated?

It's like a tall building, where each floor can only be completed with blood, sweat, and hard work...
I'm sorry to make such a comparison, but it seems to me that this subject was created to make fun of children. Don't you think so?

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    Helen Green

    Mathematics is arranged linearly, from the bottom up. And it's the only science that's structured that way. You, through blood and sweat, hard work, overcoming yourself, have mastered the first floor and discovered the second, and so on. If at this point the understanding fails, then the whole system fails. If you somehow manage to cope with the second floor, the third floor appears, even more difficult. And so floor after floor. I hope I explained it to you clearly. Visit this site if you have difficulty with this subject.

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    Mark Bartra

    You have to learn math starting in the 5th grade. And biology, whenever you want. And I noticed that this also applies to other subjects. You can really start learning them at any age. But not math.

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