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Max Velin

Why do we need so many messengers?

WhatApp, Slack, Signal, Hangouts, Wire, iMessage, Telegram, Facebook Messenger... Why do we need so many apps for one task?


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    Helen Green

    Yes, we certainly have a choice. It ends up being the same on the phone: we have a whole catalog of messengers, and no way to simplify everything down to one. More choice in this area has a positive effect on competition, but every time I look at my phone, I have to do in my mind the calculations I've been doing for almost a decade: which app should I choose to send a message to a friend? I for this gb whatsapp apk download because this messenger combines the functions of all the others.

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    Mark Bartra

    Decades ago, science fiction writers imagined flying cars, auto-cooking kitchens, and the ability to call anyone on the entire planet. But they had no idea that we would find ourselves in messenger hell, with an endless number of apps designed to simply send a text to a friend.

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