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Max Velin

Newsletters are not effective

I was specifically engaged in the marketing department and began to notice that the mailing of cold letters there is no effectiveness as well as the result, however. What can this be connected to? And how to avoid this in the future?

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    Helen Green

    You may be hampered by spam filters. Try to re-engage subscribers who are inactive or irregularly active. I read at that this method should work. Just sending messages to inactive subscribers has a negative impact on deliverability. For example, customers may be interested in an exclusive offer or a discount coupon. Another option is to include a link to a survey in the message, so subscribers can tell what they expect from the newsletter.

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    Mark Bartra

    Filters are getting stricter lately, and often emails that are interesting to subscribers end up in the spam folder. But most filters allow you to add the address to a "whitelist. Remind your subscribers of this option so that they don't miss your emails.

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