Different Types of Research paper

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The most significant element of getting good grade in college is based on the different types of the research papers and the capability of students to write each and everything according to the format given by the academy. There are various types of research paper on which, the students have to submit their work by writing on the specific topic of their own interest allotted them by the mentor.

Below mentioned are the various types of papers that are mentioned below:

Contrary papers: These papers present controversial issue of both the sides on the paper. The paper will include author’s last name, page number and will describe the logical facts from both the sides of an issue. The pros and cons of the argument will be written on the paper and the paper will favour one side of the argument only.

Logical papers: The logical paper will include the information based on the logical aspects of the material. In this, different viewpoints are analyzed that are represented on factual concept rather than supporting point of view. The writer will have to focus on the answers and methodology of the research paper.

Description papers: The definitions papers are easy to understand, as in the paper the self- related material is explained and they describe the whole topic, the factual aspect and opinion of the author. Despite all the fact that the definition research paper will incorporate realities from different sources, this data is left un-analyzed and contains just undeniable realities found in someone else’s research paper findings. A definition paper may be viewed as difficult to write by those students, who enjoy talking about issues from their own particular viewpoint.

Comparison papers: The comparison papers generally defined as a part of writing courses and are compared on the basic of stories and writers .The comparison of the theoretical content of two different writers is done. The vital part of a comparison paper is that the two components of both the sides in the paper should be depicted briefly. The principle part of the paper will be the examination and differentiating illustrations given by the author to support a thesis.

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