In essay writer thinking, one of the most common and frequently occurring essays are cause and effect essays. They target an event and explore the webbing possibilities out of either the causes or the effects. 

Cause-Effects of Causes-Effect

These are the two types of essays that can come out of cause and effect format:

  1. One Cause Many Effects
  2. One Effect Many Causes



A single event can have various causes leading to it, and many effects leading out from it. The most common topics for the cause and effect are related to war and politics. A cause and effect essay can be at times daunting to write, therefore we advise you to try our online essay writing services. Since we come across many essay writing service requests for cause and effect topics, we have set aside writers specifically for this type of essay. 

These writers will help you craft and edit the essay for you, no matter what the topic.

  • The effects of the Cold War
  • What caused the rise and fall of Napoleon
  • What are the effects of 9/11 on global politics?
  • What were the effects of the US mission to the Moon?
  • The causes of the Russian Revolution
  •  What were the causes of the American Civil War

It can also take on environmental topics such as:

  • The effects of plastic pollution on aquatic life
  • What will happen if the glaciers melt
  • The effects of Amazon wildfires?
  • The effects of deforestation on the diversity of flora and fauna?
  • The long term effects of Global Warming.
  • The impact on the environment of a possible nuclear war

Components of the essay


The introduction for the Cause and Effect essay will be an essay hook followed by a brief introduction to the topic. You will start explaining the subject broadly and will close down on the specifics. The thesis statement ideally comes at the last. It can be no more than one or two sentences, where it states the effects or the causes that you will say write my essay.

Body Paragraph

Like every other essay body paragraph, a cause-effect body paragraph will have a topic sentence that introduces the content of the body paragraph. The text will then include your arguments and opinions that will be backed by examples and evidence at the end. 


The conclusion will give your reader a closure by going over the causes or effects and a rephrased thesis statement. It’s important not to add any new information to the essay in the conclusion.

Additional tips to follow

Essay writing is more than the structure and the format of the essay. To make your college essay unique and attractive you should follow these additional tips.

Categorize the information

It’s important to arrange the information according to categories, which can be according to the subject, the time, or affiliation. Many causes or effects can be combined in this fashion adding to the density of your paragraphs. 

Prioritize the information

The sequence of information in the body paragraphs should be in accordance with the importance. It’s up to you to put your strongest point forward or start with the weakest. 

Finding novel causes and effects

Its easier to get done with the online essay writer by stating the usual causes and the effects. Such an essay will show the superficiality of your research. It’s better to dig down into the subject content and raise points that may not be obvious for the reader at the start.

Always brainstorm 

Brainstorming is important for essays, especially the cause and effect essay. It allows you to find new structures and relations. It also helps you categorize the information as well as set it up according to the importance.

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