Sample Graduate School Essay: Compare-and-Contrast Essay Writing Tips

One of the most common types of essays out there is the compare and contrast essay.  Whether you are in elementary school, junior high, high school, college, or graduate school, you are likely to encounter an assignment that calls for a compare-and-contrast essay.  In graduate school, though, your teachers are probably going to have high demands and high expectations, meaning that they will be highly critical of your essay as well.  Read on to learn about how to write a graduate school level compare-and-contrast essay.

What a compare-and-contrast essay is

In the most basic terms, a compare-and-contrast essay is an essay about the similarities and differences between at least two topics.  In graduate school, your essays will probably cover numerous specific topics or a few broad topics.  When writing this essay, your aim will be to make a solid assessment of the topics being discussed, arriving at a strong conclusion that expresses your findings throughout the assignment it's not that easy so try to use online assignment help.  It may take a lot of research to clearly understand and write about each of the topics that you are talking about.  Basically, try to come up with a conclusion that presents new information about the topics that you have studied and written about.

Coming up with a compare-and-contrast essay as your personal statement

You may be asked to write a compare-and-contrast essay for your graduate school personal statement.  If this is the case, you should understand that your objectives are not only to compare and contrast the topics you talk about, but also to persuade the admissions committee members to accept you in their school.  Make sure that you fully understand the question being asked and the topics that you have chosen to write about.  One good way of using the compare-and-contrast format to suit your personal statement is to compare and contrast how you have developed as a person.  You may want to use various experiences that have forced changes in your personality and character traits for the better.  The point is to put emphasis on how you have developed into a better human being who is capable of handling the challenges of graduate school.  Also, you should try to mention your future goals and how graduate school can best prepare you to meet your goals.

Other tips to keep in mind when using compare and contrast as an essay-writing technique

-  Make sure to have a clear layout of your essay.  For example, talk about a particular topic and all of your observations about that topic, then follow it up with a discussion on another related topic.  Make each comparison and contrast device clear to the reader.

-  You may want to use a chart, table, or diagram to help you compare and contrast the various topics you will discuss in your essay.  A Venn diagram is a great tool for getting started on your essay, or you may want to make a chart displaying the similarities and differences between your topics.

-  Use your thesis statement as a backbone for your essay.  Anchor each of your arguments, points, and topics to your thesis statement to create a clear and cohesive essay.

-  Your conclusion should be persuasive, compelling, and should leave a strong impression on the reader.