Linear motion is involved in many applications. Linear actuators are used to provide it in many industrial applications. Actuators are represented in a huge variety. Those are high-speed solutions, heavy-duty items, miniature, and other types of devices. Every actuator model has unique features and capabilities.

All these actuators are used in the widest range of industries. They provide a lot of benefits if you compare them to any other actuator type. But to find the right actuator for your application, you should consider all the features of your device and order your actuator from a reliable manufacturer.

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How Does Linear Motion Work?

Linear motion is converted from electric energy by a linear motor. Linear motors have some benefits if you compare them with other similar devices.

Linear motors work without any mechanical contact. The force needed for the transmission is produced in the air gap. No friction is generated.

The structure of any linear motor is simple. Just a few parts are used to make a linear motor. That’s why they are very reliable. The operation itinerary is not limited.

The speed range is very wide. Your actuator can move from just a couple of micrometers to some meters per second. The high speeds that an electric actuator can achieve are one of the main advantages of the device.

Why Choosing Linear Motion

The acceleration value of linear actuators is impressive. The movement is smooth because of the minimum of mechanical connections.

The accuracy level is very high. A feedback device can easily reach the sub-micron level.

Simplicity and cost-efficiency of maintenance. The minimum of parts that move, the absence of mechanical contact provides the top reliability level.