Arguments in an essay should be oriented towards revealing the truth by essay writer, rather than coming on top of winning the argument. Like arguments in a persuasive essay, counter-arguments are also a part of the essay. In the advanced grades, counter-arguments are an essential part of the argumentative essays, as it demonstrates the student’s ability to not only pose arguments but also tackle the various counterarguments that might be posed. 

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Presenting the counter

In the turn against after you present your argument, you anticipate your readers’ criticism and present it at the end of your own argument and evidence. The criticism can be stated explicitly or you can pose it as a question on your own write my essay for me.

The objection could be the following: an issue with your evidence and the argument; a loophole or an interpretation prone to a fallacy; a drawback or various disadvantages to the argument you propose; an alternate explanation or argument that seems to serve the same purpose. 

You pose the criticism form the reader by introducing them with phrases such as someone might point out..., not everyone agrees to this..., the idea is prone to..., etc.

Or you state it in the form of questions: But, how can we be sure? What about...? What happens if we…?

Defending your argument

After stating the argument and the likely counterargument, you explain to your readers why you write my essay.

You will refute the counter-argument by stating and demonstrating its fallacy and why it is not a real problem.

You acknowledge the counter and explore its effects and its dynamics to show that counter isn’t of much significance to cause harm to your argument.

You go over the counterargument and cede to its potential. Here instead of countering the counterargument, you strengthen your argument and modify your thesis accordingly. Strengthen the argument till the point that the counter can be tackled like the above.

Placing the counterarguments

The counterargument can be placed throughout the essays:

  • As a motive to propose your thesis.
  • Before presenting your main arguments you can pose it as a common position on the subject at hand.
  • After presenting your argument and developing or predicting a counterargument to that specific argument.
  • Putting down the objections one last time before the conclusion.

It is important to realize that counterarguments will veer away the readers’ attention from the main point, so it is advisable not to overpopulate your free essay writer with counterarguments. It will only go to confuse the reader away from the main thesis

Revising the essay

It’s crucial to be decisive and ruthless in reviewing your essay. You will pay great attention to the play of argument, counterargument, and the counter to the counterargument. If you have put down the counter with full reasoning and not sliding it under the rug, you should be good to go. 

But, if the counter is not dealt with correctly or that you can’t find a way to argue against the counter, then it’s best to reorient your thesis. Sometimes its easier to put the resolute counterargument as part of the main thesis, and modify the essay accordingly. 

You can either ignore the validity of the counter at the expense of your custom college essay, reshape your thesis to accommodate it or try even harder to find a way to put down the counter-argument.

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