Reinforced Concrete Columns Reinforced with High-Strength Steel

By Jeffrey Rautenberg1, Santiago Pujol2, Andres Lepage3

1. Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. 2. Purdue University 3. University of Kansas

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In this project, the use high-strength bars (having a yield stress exceeding 80 ksi) as longitudinal reinforcement for columns is reconsidered. The focus of the work presented is on columns meeting current requirements for columns of special moment frames and columns with axial loads not exceeding the axial load at balance. The flexural strength of these columns is controlled by the strength of the steel. It follows that two sections with different grades of steel have similar moment capacities as long as the product of reinforcement ratio and yield stress is similar for both sections. Experimental tests of this hypothesis are presented. Tests of columns reinforced with steels having yield stresses ranging from 60-ksi to 120-ksi were conducted. It is shown that columns reinforced with high-strength steel can be used to reach drift ratios of up to 4%.

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  • Jeffrey Rautenberg; Santiago Pujol; Andres Lepage (2015), "Reinforced Concrete Columns Reinforced with High-Strength Steel,"

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