Unreinforced Concrete Strut Database

By Lucas Laughery1, Santiago Pujol1

1. Purdue University



Published on


This dataset contains the results from tests of unreinforced concrete elements loaded in uniaxial compression. The data are organized to facilitate comparison of the strengths of prismatic and nonprismatic (bottle) struts. Data were obtained solely from published papers. These papers are not attached as reports due to copyrights of the respective publishers.

This dataset has been added to since its creation. See below for a summary of additions.

Version Date Nr. Entries ID Range Version Notes
1 24-Mar-2015 183 7354 - 7536 Adapted from NEES.org published on 21-May-2014 (formerly at nees.org/resources/7915 but now no longer present)
2 03-Apr-2016 207

add 94567 - 94590

Added tests conducted fall 2014 by Puranam.

The data from version 1 of this dataset support the following publication:
Laughery, L., and Pujol, S. (2015), "Compressive Strength of Unreinforced Struts," ACI Structural Journal, V. 112, No. 5, Sept.-Oct., pp.617-624. doi: 10.14359/51687711.

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