Distributed RTHS Purdue-UConn

By Francisco Pena1, Richard Christenson2, Shirley Dyke1, Xin Li

1. Purdue University 2. U. Connecticut

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This project addresses a key cyberinfrastructure requirement for these communities -- robust and reliable streaming data middleware known as Open Source Data Turbine (OSDT). This collaborative project combines strategic software developments with deep engagement in three science communities: civil engineering, marine science, and ecology.

The focus is on strategic software developments, including (A) tools for configuring, testing, and controlling distributed sensor systems, (B) OSDT software interfaces that are compliant with the Open Geospatial Consortium Sensor Web Enablement standards, (C) a new OSDT-Matlab interface, and (D) OSDT cybersecurity enhancements. DataTurbine supports the development and operations of sensor-based systems by consolidating complex data stream management tasks into a uniform framework that is modular, scalable, and robust. This project will address known challenges to making geographically distributed real-time hybrid simulation a common and readily available tool amongst Civil Engineers. This project will enable new science applications, enhance productivity, and accelerate innovation in several areas of science and engineering.

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