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Shared File Upload and Management

By Lucas Laughery1, Aishwarya Y Puranam2, Merve Usta2

1. Nagoya Institute of Technology 2. Purdue University

Licensed according to this deed.

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Often, you may have files that are relevant to multiple experiments/cases. Some common examples from each file category are listed below.

  • Report:  A report that describes the work that was conducted: e.g., a dissertation, thesis, report, or journal manuscript
  • Data:  A readme file that describes the structure of your data files
  • Drawings:  Drawings of a setup that was used for all tests, or maps that show where data were collected
  • Photographs:  Photographs of a test setup, or other component that is relevant to multiple experiments/cases

In these instances, you can use Shared Upload to upload a file once and assign it to multiple experiments/cases. The process is simple:

        1. Select the checkboxes next to the experiments/cases that you want the shared file to be associated with (red in figure)

        2. Select either the Local or Server button below the top header, and proceed to select the file as you would for regular upload (purple in figure).


Be aware: Your selection of experiments/cases only applies to your current view. If you want to assign files to more experiments/cases than are shown on your current view, you must either (a) show more entries, or (b) navigate to another page.

To assign descriptions to shared files, use the Manage button located to the right of Shared Upload. Changes made to the descriptions will propagate to other experiments/cases. If you delete a shared file using this interface, the file will be removed from all associated experiments/cases.

If you wish to remove a shared file from a single experiment/case but leave it for others, use the Manage button for that experiment/case. 

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