Service Load Deflections in Slabs with High Strength Steel Reinforcement

By Alana Lund1, Aishwarya Y. Puranam1, Ryan T. Whelchel1, Lucas Laughery1, Henrik Skovgaard2, Santiago Pujol1

1. Purdue University 2. Technical University of Denmark

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Three series of tests were conducted at Bowen Laboratory, Purdue University, on slabs longitudinally reinforced with #3 ASTM A615 Gr. 60 or ASTM A1035 Gr.120 bars. Two slabs were tested in each series, one containing Gr. 60 steel and one containing Gr. 120 steel. All members were 14 ft. in length and 30 in. in width. Depth and reinforcement ratios were varied to study the relative deflections of the members in each series. 

The slabs were loaded in four-point bending, with roller supports placed at 1 ft. from the edge of the slabs and loads applied at 3 ft. from the supports. Equivalent loads were applied at both load points, creating a constant moment region through the middle 6 ft. of the slab. Deflections were measured at the midspan and roller supports for each test. Loads were measured at two points of load application in Series 1 and one point of load application in Series 2 and 3. Surface deformations were measured at the level of the reinforcing bars, using an optical tracking system (OptotrakTM) in Series 1 and Whittemore gages in Series 2 and 3.

This dataset contains load, deflection, and strain information for this series of tests. Specimen properties, instrumentation details, test configuration, and visual data are also included.

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  • Alana Lund; Aishwarya Y. Puranam; Ryan T. Whelchel; Lucas Laughery; Henrik Skovgaard; Santiago Pujol (2017), "Service Load Deflections in Slabs with High Strength Steel Reinforcement,"

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