Promotion and Outreach

By Santiago Pujol, Lucas Laughery1, Jonathan Monical

1. Nagoya Institute of Technology

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Activity Date Outcome

Met with researcher in materials chemistry to showcase DataHub and help them create a dataset

May - July 2017

New dataset created:

In June there were 18,000 new experiments (tripled total number of published experiments)

Ran advertisement in Concrete International, September 2017

7 Sep 2017

82 new users registered (34% increase) from June through September

35 new datasets created in August through September (13% of total number of published datasets).

In September there was a 10% increase in files downloaded and a 14% increase in dataset views.

Promoted DataHub among CE571 students, required them to download data from DataHub

Oct 2017

New dataset was created to support homework assignment:

In October there was an 11% increase in files uploaded, 27% increase in files downloaded, 11% increase in dataset views and a 5% increase in new users registered.

Used DataHub in class in Colombia (one-week course at UniValle), encouraged students to sign up, promoted data on earthquake engineering

Oct 2017


Promoted DataHub at ACI convention in Anaheim, CA

15-19 Oct 2017


Promoted DataHub to engineers in Mexico City, collected data for DataHub after Mexico City Earthquake

Oct 2017


Shared and explained data on DataHub to ATC regarding project on building vulnerability evaluation (they chose data from buildings from Tohoku, Japan, to run a critical study)

Oct 2017


Included links to DataHub on a number of papers being reviewed for publication

Oct 2017


Proposed alternatives for adoption of data-repositories (including DataHub) to Graduate School, Concrete International Journal, Earthquake Spectra Journal

Oct 2017


Explained DataHub at Purdue's forums related to "Data Initiative"

Oct 2017


Proposed use of DataHub at Bowen Laboratory

Oct 2017


Used and referenced data from DataHub for two graduate classes at Nagoya Institute of Technology

4 Dec 2017
18 Dec 2017

Students studying size effect show interest in using datasets on the topic.

Follow-up on 29 Jan: data were downloaded and will be used / cited

Promoted the use of DataHub during earthquake reconnaissance in South Korea    

Dec 2017

Dataset forthcoming

In December there was a 6% increase in dataset views and a 3% increase in new users registered.

Suggested to collaborator in Croatia to host data from his past research projects on DataHub

Jan 2018

In January there was a 5% increase in files downloaded and a 6% increase in dataset views.

Looked into advertisement in ENR

Jan 2018

(not affordable: costs were between $11,000 - $16,000)

Visited collaborators at Tohoku University, participated in workshop about current research 

22 Feb 2018

Research group at Tohoku University is already using earthquake reconnaissance datasets on DataHub and citing them in JCI/AIJ papers. Other research group was unaware but took note of the URL.

Presented research, showing datasets on DataHub at ACI convention in Salt Lake City, Utah

25-26 Mar 2018

2017 Pohang EQ damage survey, ACI 445 C fib punching shear, ACI 369 column databases were shown to ACI committee and subcommittee members, prompting members to view and download data

Presented Oaxaca 80 dataset for EERI webinar

5 Apr 2018

Approximately 400 audience members listened to presentation

Presented to Purdue civil engineering graduate students about DataHub

17 Apr 2018

Explained how to use interface, upload data while emphasizing the need to securely store data

Presented earthquake reconnaissance datasets to students at Tohoku University citing DataHub

May 2018

Students at Tohoku downloaded data from earthquake datasets to use in their research projects

Presented 2016 Taiwan Earthquake dataset at Houston International Forum about earthquake engineering citing DataHub

Jun 2018


Presented 2015 Nepal Earthquake dataset at Tohoku University citing DataHub

Jun 2018


Presented DataHub to graduate students at Tohoku University

Jul 2018

Explained how to upload data to DataHub

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