DEEDS 2018 Use Cases Workshop

By Ann Christine Catlin1, Muhammad Ashraful Alam1, Connie Weaver1, Marisol Sepulveda1, Joe Francisco2

1. Purdue University 2. University of Pennsylvania

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DEEDS 2018 Use Cases Workshop

Friday June 29 11:00 - 1:35 EST
Young Hall 1009 + WebEx

11:00-11:20 Welcome & Introductions
Ann Christine Catlin
DEEDS: The First Year + Short Demo
11:20-12:40 Report from the Use Case Teams (20 minutes each including Q&A)
Tahir Patel
Modeling the Performance of Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Kalina Hodges
Berries and Bone: A Clinical Trial to Measure Net Calcium Retention
Ross Hoehn
Computational Chemistry: Quantum Post- Lock and Key Descriptor
Wes Flynn
Amphibian Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Toxicity Reference Values for Ecological Risk Assessment
12: 40-12:55 Report from the R&D Team
Chandima Hewa Nadungodage
DEEDS: Development Goals for Year 2
12:55-1:15> Statements from the co-PIs (5 minutes each)
Joe Francisco
Ashraf Alam
Marisol Sepulveda
Connie Weaver
12:15- 1:35 Discussion (if time permits)
Capturing computational workflow: what is most important for you?
Completeness of Data & Tools support: what do you need that DEEDS doesn’t yet have?
Expanding collaborations
1:35 Closing Remarks

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