Earthquake Reconnaissance Slides by Drs. Mete A. Sozen and Nathan M. Newmark

By Mete Sozen1, Santiago Pujol, Ayhan Irfanoglu1, Chungwook Sim1, Aishwarya Y Puranam1, Lucas Laughery1, Suk Seung1, Madeline Nelson1, Merve Usta1

1. Purdue University

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This dataset contains earthquake reconnaissance slides collected by Mete A. Sozen and Nathan M. Newmark. There are more than 2000 photographs collected from sixteen different earthquakes:

  • 1931 Managua
  • 1948 Fukui (reports only)
  • 1962 Acapulco
  • 1967 Caracas
  • 1971 San Fernando
  • 1972 Nicaragua
  • 1976 Guatemala
  • 1977 Bucharest
  • 1978 Miyagi (Sendai)
  • 1979 El Centro
  • 1985 Chile (at Viña del Mar)
  • 1985 Mexico City 
  • 1986 San Salvador
  • 1989 San Francisco (Loma Prieta)
  • 1990 Luzon
  • 1992 Erzincan

Design codes and practice changed as we learned from these earthquakes. Dr. Sozen's experience in these places have informed his work at ACI 318.  He kept the slides from his mentor Dr. Newmark: one of the very first earthquake engineers (if not the first). Our goal is to do the same and document observations to learn from experience as Hardy Cross described and Mete Sozen repeated in almost every one of his courses.


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