NEES: ACI 369 Rectangular Column Database

By Wassim Ghannoum, Balaji Sivaramakrishnan, Santiago Pujol, Ann Christine Catlin, Sumudinie Fernando, Nabeel Yoosuf and Ying Wang

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The authors of this database are Wassim Ghannoum, Balaji Sivaramakrishnan, Santiago Pujol (Purdue University), Ann Christine Catlin (Purdue University), Sumudinie Fernando (Purdue University), Nabeel Yoosuf (Purdue University) and Ying Wang (Purdue University). The database was published at NEEShub on September 22 2012 and has been reproduced here to preserve the data and ensure continued access.


doi: 10.4231/D36688J50

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) committee 369 (Seismic Repair and Rehabilitation) is in the process of updating provisions pertaining to reinforced concrete structures of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Standard 41-06 Supplement No.1 (2007) entitled "Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Structures". This database is part of that ACI 369 committee effort.

The rectangular column database is one of two parts of the ACI 369 column database. The database was compiled by Balaji Sivaramakrishnan and Dr. Wassim Ghannoum at the University of Texas at Austin and builds on the PEER Structural Performance database ( In turn, the PEER database was based on databases built by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - (Taylor and Stone, 1993; Taylor et al., 1997). The PEER column data was collected and processed by University of Washington students Michael Berry, Haili Camarillo, Amit Mookerjee, Myles Parrish, and Zachary Price under the supervision of Professor Marc Eberhard.

Shear failure of rectangular columns during earthquakes (source: World Housing Encyclopedia) and in the laboratory (source: Aboutaha et el. (1999)).

The database is made public through the DataCenterHub website to facilitate knowledge transfer to the community thus allowing users of ACI 369 documents and the ASCE 41 standard to evaluate the data on which the provisions are based. Posting the database online also serves to facilitate updating of the database with additional experimental data. We encourage the community to point out any column tests that have been omitted in the database or submit any new experimental data that can be added to the database. Please contact Dr. Ghannoum at ( if you would like to contribute to this database. Any data submitted will be processed and verified by ACI committee 369 before being posted.

The data are organized and presented as a spreadsheet: each row contains information about one test and the columns contain information about geometry, reinforcement details, strength of materials, drift ratio at different level of loading, lateral load, shear capacity, and lateral load-deflection data files. Data files can be downloaded in CSV formats.


This database was posted through generous assistance from Dr. Santiago Pujol, Ann Christine Catlin, Ying Wang, and Sumudinie Fernando at Purdue University. Special thanks to Dr. Murat Melek for providing data for column tests with lap splices


This database was assembled as a service to the research community in earthquake engineering. The University of Texas at Austin, NEEShub, and the researchers who performed the experiments make no warranties to the accuracy of the information that has been collected.

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