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NEES: Performance Database for Reinforced Concrete Columns with Spiral Reinforcement

By The National Institute of Standards (NIST): Taylor and Stone

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The authors of this database are the National Institute of Standards (NIST), Taylor and Stone. The database was published at NEEShub on December 05 2010 and has been reproduced here to preserve the data and ensure continued access.


doi: 10.4231/D32F7JR0C

This performance database contains material and geometric properties, experimental results and reference information from cyclic, lateral-load tests of reinforced concrete columns with spiral reinforcement or circular hoops.

The properties, force-displacement histories, and experiment data files are provided in spreadsheet and graphical formats. The experiment data files can be downloaded in CSV format, which can be loaded into most applications, including Excel. The data file contains force-displacement pairs: the first column contains the displacement values (in mm), the second column contains the lateral-load values (in kN). Data files can be plotted and compared to one another using the inDEED earthquake data visualization tool. See inDEED for more information about the tool.

The database was assembled by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), who collected data from 92 tests (Taylor and Stone, 1993).

Column Database Glossary

Column and Setup Properties Experimental Results Reference Information
  • column geometry
  • axial load
  • column material properties
  • column reinforcing details
  • test configuration
  • digital force-displacement histories
  • links experiment data files
  • links to references and citations
  • links to drawings


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  • The National Institute of Standards (NIST): Taylor and Stone (2015), "NEES: Performance Database for Reinforced Concrete Columns with Spiral Reinforcement,"

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