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  1. FoRDy: Rocking Shallow Foundation Performance in Dynamic Experiments

    19 Jan 2019 | Contributor(s): Andreas Gerasimos Gavras, Bruce L Kutter, Manouchehr (Manny) Hakhamaneshi, Sivapalan Gajan, Angelos Tsatsis, Keshab Sharma, Tetsuya Kouno, Lijun Deng, Ioannis Anastasopoulos, George Gazetas, Krishnan Athipotta Variam

    In recent years, numerous centrifuge (e.g., Rosebrook 2001, Ugalde et al. 2007, Gajan and Kutter 2008, Deng et al. 2012, Hakhamaneshi et al. 2012, Liu et al. 2013, Allmond and Kutter 2014, Loli et al. 2014) and 1g  shake-table (e.g., Shirato et al. 2008, Drosos et al. 2012, Antonellis et al....

  2. Dynamic Test of a SDOF PXCM System

    15 Dec 2018 | Contributor(s): Prateek Pratap Shah, William Pollalis

    Phase Transforming Cellular Materials (PXCMs) are a suitable alternative to traditional materials because they can 1) exhibit non-linear behavior and hence limit forces in buildings, and 2) deform without permanent deformations. Dynamic tests of a SDOF PXCM system were conducted. A total of 26...

  3. RStudio

    14 Apr 2017 | Tools

    RStudio is a GUI for R, the statistical programming language.

  4. Jupyter Notebook

    18 Oct 2018 | Tools | Contributor(s): Erich Huebner

    Starts the Jupyter notebook server in your "notebooks" directory in your home directory.

  5. Role of Annealing Atmosphere on the Crystal Structure and Composition of Tetrahedrite-Tennantite Alloy Nanoparticles

    08 Sep 2018 | Databases | Contributor(s): Scott Andrew McClary, Robert B. Balow, Rakesh Agrawal

    This dataset contains raw data associated with our publication in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C:Scott A. McClary, Robert B. Balow, and Rakesh Agrawal. "Role of Annealing Atmosphere on the Crystal Structure and Composition of Tetrahedrite-Tennantite Alloy Nanoparticles." J....

  6. Oxygenated CdS Buffer Layers Enabling High Open-Circuit Voltages in Earth-Abundant Cu2BaSnS4 Thin-Film Solar Cells

    03 Sep 2018 | Databases

    This dataset contains data associated with our publication in Advanced Energy Materials:J. Ge, P. Koirala, C. Grice, P. J. Roland, Y. Yu, X. Tan, R. Ellingson, R. J. Collins, and Y. Yan. “Oxygenated CdS buffer layers enabling high open circuit voltages in earth abundant Cu2BaSnS4...

  7. Employing Overlayers to Improve the Performance of Cu2BaSnS4 Thin Film based Photoelectrochemical Water Reduction Device

    03 Sep 2018 | Databases

    This dataset contains data associated with our publication in Chemistry of Materials:J. Ge, P.J. Roland, P. Koirala, W. Meng, J.L. Young, R. Petersen, T.G. Deutsch, G. Teeter, R.J. Ellingson, R.W. Collins, and Y. Yan, “Employing overlayers to improve the performance of Cu2BaSnS4 thin...

  8. Earth-Abundant Orthorhombic BaCu2Sn(SexS1–x)4 (x ≈ 0.83) Thin Film for Solar Energy Conversion

    03 Sep 2018 | Databases

    This dataset contains data related to our publication in ACS Energy Letters:Jie Ge, Yue Yu, Yanfa Yan, “Earth-Abundant Orthorhombic BaCu2Sn(SexS1–x)4 (x ≈ 0.83) Thin Film for Solar Energy Conversion,” ACS Energy Lett. 2016, 1, pp 583–588.DOI:...

  9. Solar PV Diagnosis

    30 Aug 2018 | Databases | Contributor(s): Xingshu sun, Muhammed Tahir Patel, Reza Asadpour, Muhammad A. Alam

    SThe uncertainties associated with technology‐specific and geography‐specific degradation rates make it difficult to calculate the levelized cost of energy, and thus the economic viability of solar energy. In this regard, millions of fielded photovoltaic modules may serve as a global testbed,...

  10. Tests of Continuous Beams with Large Reinforcement Ratios

    31 Jul 2018 | Databases | Contributor(s): Aishwarya Y. Puranam, Santiago Pujol

    Tests of continuous beams were conducted to investigate maximum longitudinal reinforcement limits (currently expressed in terms of net tensile strain) and moment redistribution at that limit. The following hypothesis was tested:Nominally identical continuous beams, one with nearly the...

  11. Modeling the Performance of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

    15 Jul 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s): Muhammed Tahir Patel, Reza Asadpour, Xingshu sun

    A presentation was given as part of the first DEEDS workshop on June 29, 2018 in support of the NSF-funded projectCIF21 DIBBs: EI: Creating a Digital Environment for Enabling Data-Driven Science (DEEDS). These slides were created and presented by M. Tahir Patel, PhD student in the School of...

  12. DEEDS 2018 Use Cases Workshop

    01 Jul 2018 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Ann Christine Catlin, Muhammad Ashraful Alam, Connie Weaver, Marisol Sepulveda, Joe Francisco

    The first DEEDS workshop was held on June 29, 2018. The workshop focus was the DEEDS use cases. Each use case presented an overview of their research and then described how their DEEDS dataset support their data, computing, and scientific workflows.

  13. Headless submit functionality

    19 Jun 2018 | Tools | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    Execute generic submit command wthin a tool session without UI.

  14. Buildings Surveyed after 2017 Mexico City Earthquakes

    08 Jun 2018 | Databases | Contributor(s): Purdue University

    Buildings Surveyed after 2017 Mexico City EarthquakesThis dataset consists of building data collected in Mexico City after the 19 September 2017 Puebla-Morelos Earthquake. Over 120 reinforced concrete structures were surveyed by engineers from USA, Mexico, and New Zealand with...

  15. UCSB Researcher Makes Waves At Earthquake Research Summit

    25 Apr 2018 | Notes | Contributor(s): Aurie Swartz, NEES Media Communications

    Daily Nexus | October 1, 2013 | Online | UC Santa Barbara's student-run newspaper featured an article congratulating NEES Project Specialist and Education/Outreach Coordinator Sandra Seale on receiving the "Outstanding Service in the area of Education, Outreach and Training" award at Quake...

  16. Tests of Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls with Different Opening Arrangements

    23 Apr 2018 | Databases | Contributor(s): Toshikatsu Ichinose, Yasushi Sanada, Suguru Suzuki, Lucas Laughery, Andriamirado Ramarozatovo, Minori Hirosawa, Takuya Kinushita, Hiroto Takahashi, Hong Liu

    Tests of Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls with Different Opening ArrangementsThis dataset contains data from tests of five quarter-scale, three-story tall reinforced concrete structural walls under reversed cyclic loading. The aim of the testing program was to evaluate the strength and...

  17. FLECHA: A macro-enabled spreadsheet for developing moment-curvature diagrams

    17 Apr 2018 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Santiago Pujol

    FLECHA is a macro-enabled spreadsheet program for developing moment-curvature diagrams for reinforced concrete sections. The spreadsheet was written by Santiago Pujol and was last revised in April 2001. 

  18. ACI 445 fib Punching shear database

    15 Apr 2018 | Databases | Contributor(s): Aikaterini Genikomsou, Jonathan Monical

    ACI 445 fib Punching Shear Database The data presented here were obtained from tests of reinforced concrete slabs loaded statically to simulate concentric slab punching due to gravity loads. The data are fundamental in understanding the resistance of slabs to punching shear, which...

  19. 2017 Pohang Earthquake - Reinforced Concrete Building Damage Survey

    08 Apr 2018 | Databases | Contributor(s): Chungwook Sim, Lucas Laughery, T. C. Chiou, Pu-wen Weng

    This dataset was last updated on April 8, 2018.The earthquake in Korea occurred on November 15, 2017 with a moment magnitude of 5.4.  Heunghae and Pohang were the two major cities that were damaged during the event. No person were killed during the event and 82 were...

  20. DataHub: Promotion and Outreach Tracking

    04 Apr 2018 | Databases | Contributor(s): Jonathan Monical

    DataHub: Promotion and Outreach Tracking This dataset contains the promotional and outreach activities of DataHub and the corresponding user statistics.