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  1. Experimental Modelling and Analysis of Three One-Tenth-Scale Reinforced Concrete Frame-Wall Structure

    30 Jul 1983

    PhD Thesis.

  2. Response of Ten Story, Reinforced Concrete Model Frames to Simulated Earthquakes

    30 Jul 1979

    Haluk Cecen's Ph.D Thesis

  3. Earthquake-Simulation Tests Of A Ten-Story Reinforced Concrete Frame With A Discontinued First-Level Beam

    30 Jul 1978

    SRS Report No. 451

  4. Experimental Study of the Dynamic Response of a Ten-Story Reinforced Concrete Frame With a Tall First Story

    30 Jul 1978 | Contributor(s): Mete Sozen,

    Structural Research Series, Report No. 450

  5. A Framework for Measuring the Impact and Effectiveness of the NEES Cyberinfrastructure for Earthquake Engineering

    30 Nov 2011 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Thomas Hacker, Alejandra J Magana