Chilean Strong Ground Motion

By Gonzalo A. Montalva1, Nicolas Bastias2

1. University of Concepcion, Chile 2. Gensis

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The authors of this database are Gonzalo A. Montalva and Nicolas Bastias . The database was first published at NEEShub and has been reproduced here to preserve the data and ensure continued access.




doi: 10.17603/DS2N30J



Data from the Chilean Strong Motion Database can be viewed by clicking the links below
Data from the 'Chile Strong Ground Motion Flatfile' Table
Chile Event Dataset
Chile Site Dataset


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        Bastías N, Montalva GA. Chile Strong Ground Motion Flatfile. Earthquake Spectra. 2016;32(4):2549-2566. doi:10.1193/102715EQS158DP


  • Gonzalo A. Montalva; Nicolas Bastias (2017), "Chilean Strong Ground Motion,"

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