Leap Soil Properties and Element Test Data

By Trevor Carey, Bruce L Kutter1, Majid T Manzari, M. Zeghal

1. University of California, Davis

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The authors of this database are Trevor Carey, Bruce L Kutter, Majid T Manzari, and M. Zeghal . The database was first published at NEEShub and has been reproduced here to preserve the data and ensure continued access.


doi: 10.17603/DS2WC7W

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Minimum and Maximum Densities
Specific Gravity
Cyclic Loaded Triaxial Tests
Monotonic Triaxial Tests
Strain Controlled Cyclic Triaxial Tests
Stress Controlled Cyclic Triaxial Tests
Grain Size Distribution
Soils in this Database

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  • Trevor Carey; Bruce L Kutter; Majid T Manzari; M. Zeghal (2017), "Leap Soil Properties and Element Test Data," https://datacenterhub.org/resources/leap_soil.

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