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  1. Project: Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Nonrectangular Walls Under Multidirectional Loads

    28 Jul 2009 | Series | Contributor(s): , ,

    Previous laboratory testing of T-shaped walls loaded uniaxially along the direction of the stem of the T has indicated that these walls can be detailed using methods similar to those used for rectangular walls. However, multidirectional loading of these walls has not been carried out at large...

  2. Experiment 1: RWN - Continuous Reinforcement

    28 Jul 2009 | Series

    Testing of a half-scale, four story rectangular wall with continuous reinforcement.

  3. Reinforced Concrete Column Subjected to Cyclic Transverse Load

    10 Feb 2009 | Series

    Experiment contributed by Santiago Pujol. This test was part of an experimental program that included a total of eight test assemblies. An assembly consisted of two test specimens joined by a center stub. Each specimen was intended to represent a cantilever column under axial load and a point...

  4. Cyclic Lateral Loading of a Full-Scale Reinforced Concrete Flat-Plate Structure

    12 Feb 2009 | Series

    Experiment contributed by Damon R. FickThe test specimen was a full-scale two-span three-story reinforced concrete flatplate structure consisting of six columns spaced at 20 ft in each direction supporting a 7 in. thick slab. There was a 5 ft cantilevered slab around the perimeter of the...

  5. Trial 1: RWN

    04 Aug 2009 | Series

    Trial 1 for the RWN - Continuous Reinforcement Experiment.

  6. (K-12/Public) Study of Shear and Torsion

    05 Oct 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Gregory Pluta, Dan Kuchma, Thomas Frankie, NEES EOT

    Designed for K-12 viewers, and also those in the general public - this video describes the relationship between shear and torsion - and how this affects the failure of concrete columns. Conducted at the University of Illinois, and funded by the NEES Network - this video is a great example of the...

  7. OpenSeesDays 2010

    13 Oct 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Frank McKenna, Silvia Mazzoni, Pedro Arduino, Gregory Fenves

    Voiced over presentations from the OpenSees Days 2010 Workshop sponsored byThe presentations provide a general overview of OpenSees,  a getting started overview about programming with the OpenSees Tcl interpreters,  details about structural and geotechnical modeling in OpenSees, ...

  8. Single Story Analysis Module 1

    07 Sep 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Sean Brophy, NEES EOT

    See the Learning ObjectivesWelcomeThe following challenge explores various issues and opportunities related to designing resilient structures to earthquake activity. You will be following a learning cycle designed to support your inquiry process into the challenge and follow through learning...

  9. Learning Modules for Shake Tables (UCIST)

    07 Sep 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Shirley Dyke

    This collection of modules was produced as a result of the UCIST - NEES partnership.

  10. UCIST Remote Operation Modules

    08 Sep 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): NEES EOT

    This series compiles the remote operation modules produced during the UCIST - NEES partnership. Each module contains a lab manual describing how to perform the remote operation and the associated learning objectives, quizzes and answers. These modules make use of the Remote Data Viewer tool - A...