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  1. NEES : FLIQ: Foundation and Ground Performance in Liquefaction Experiments

    04 Sep 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Jacquelyn Allmond, Bruce Lloyd Kutter, Jonathan Bray and Connor Hayden

     AuthorsThe authors of this database are Jacquelyn Allmond (University of California, Davis), Bruce Lloyd Kutter (University of California, Davis), Jonathan Bray (University of California, Berkeley) and Connor Hayden (University of California, Berkeley). The database was published at NEEShub...

  2. NEES : Earthquake Simulator Video Archive

    04 Sep 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Mete A Sozen, Arturo Ernest Schultz, John Bonacci, Marc Eberhard, Chungwook Sim, Sudheera R. Fernando, Santiago Pujol, Ann Christine Catlin, Enrique Villalobos and Ying Wang

     AuthorsThe authors of this database are Mete A Sozen (Purdue University), Arturo Ernest Schultz (University of Minnesota), John Bonacci, Marc Eberhard (University of Washington), Chungwook Sim (Purdue University), Sudheera R. Fernando (Purdue University), Santiago Pujol (Purdue...