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  1. Stability of Rocking Structures

    24 Apr 2017 | Databases | Contributor(s): Kari Klaboe, Santiago Pujol, Lucas Laughery

    Previous studies on the overturning of rocking structures subjected to earthquake motions have focused on the development of numerical tools to estimate dynamic response.  These tools can be...


  2. Shaking Table Tests of Columns

    01 Sep 2016 | Databases | Contributor(s): Yaqiong Li, Kenneth J. Elwood

    Shaking Table Tests of Columns Shaking Table Tests of...


  3. Earthquake Simulation Tests

    03 Nov 2015 | Databases | Contributor(s): Merve Usta

    Authors The authors of this database are Mete A. Sozen (Purdue University), Arturo Ernest Schultz (University of Minnesota), John Bonacci, Marc Eberhard (University of Washington), Ana Luisa...