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Zoe Cheng

The Tibetan Sand Art

With the spread of religious ideas, many friends will have their own religious beliefs, and there will be some symbolic objects or patterns and terms in religion. Among them, the sand mandala is a religious term. So what is the great mandala meaning in the Buddhist realm?

As a religious term, mandala refers to the gathering place of saints and virtues. In real life, the mandala is generally expressed in the form of offering manza, which means offering things that accumulate merit and wisdom. Offering manzas are generally composed of very rich colors. Usually, the offering manzas you see are round, which means completeness and success. They are gathered in a variety of brilliant patterns. The gesture of reunion, which is presented in the offering of Mandha, also expresses very well that the mandala is a gathering of the most complete wisdom, the best virtue, and the most sages of the spirit, the most sacred, encompassing all the phenomena of the entire universe, allowing Everything in the universe can function in a very harmonious and orderly manner.

As a religious term, mandala refers to the holiest and most fulfilling place in the universe.

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