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Ryan J Sherman

Add a 'favorites' or hotlink to your most used databases on your homepage

I find myself wanting to look at the same databases; however, it is not quick to navigate to these individually.  Add a 'Favorites' or hotlink to your preferred databases.


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  1. Martin Jensen

    It must be interesting and useful. When you can to add something to your 'favorites' it's helps you easy to find necessary information. For example,here it's possible and it helps me quick find information for writing essay and other works.

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  2. ole kostyuk

    Hi there, Ryan!

    Found this answer at StackOverFlow, just leave it there, hope it will help you:

    I have written a dynamic database driven, object oriented website with an administration frontend etc etc. I would like to add a feature where customers can save items as "favourites", without having to create an account and login, to come back to them later, but I dont know how exactly to go about doing this... I see three options:

    1. Log favourites based on IP address and then change these to be logged against an account if the customer then creates an account;
    2. Force customers to create an account to be able to use this functionality;
    3. Log favourites based on IP address but give users the option to save their favourites under a name they specify.

    The problem with option 1 is that I dont know much about IP addresses - my Dad thinks they are unique, but I know people have had problems with systems like this.

    The problem with 1 and 2 is that accounts have not been opened up to customers yet - only administrators can log in at the moment. It should be easy to alter this (no more than a morning or afternoons work) but I would also have to implement usergroups too.

    BTW, i always found there answers to my technical questions

    Ole, from ERP software 

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  3. Anonymous

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