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Lysii Mamarika Arasa

Do you think homeschooling is effective?

Do you think homeschooling is effective? Is it worth homeschooling your child?

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  1. Sku Tufik Sku Tufik

    I don't think homeschooling is effective. You can copy everything on the Internet and it ends up being useless. My friends' daughter uses a grammar checker. I really don't know is grammarly premium worth it? Has anyone heard of it? It seems to me that such apps make mistakes anyway. It's better to study offline. It's interaction with people and more flow of knowledge. Some people get really lazy in online learning. It's the same with work. During quarantine, we all went through it)

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  2. Anonymous

    Homeschooling implies a high degree of awareness, responsibility, and parental involvement in the educational process. It does not necessarily mean becoming a teacher for your children and devoting all of your time to them (more on this later), but the decision to homeschool does involve some changes in the family's lifestyle.

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