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Is it possible to become the owner of the company while working officially?

I work officially for hire in a private business, but I want to open my own company, the form of ownership I see only LLC. The question is - If I register my company in my own name, is it necessary to report it to the place of work? will not have problems with double tax accounting? can my employer see that I am somewhere the owner?

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  1. Sku Tufik Sku Tufik

    There is no need to report.
    The legal entity is obliged to transfer taxes to the budget for you. You don't have to be registered in your LLC, it is not necessary. You can make someone of your relatives or proxies as a director in accordance with the charter. The owner can find out that you are the owner only through the unified register of legal persons. To do this, you need to know the EDRPOU, according to which the composition of the founders and other information is issued. By the way, I recommend making out south dakota llc.

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  2. Anonymous

    Do you think your employer has nothing to do, go through all sorts of combinations EDRPOU to find you among the founders?

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