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moving to in calgary

Do you prefer to move yourself or hire certain services like movers? I recently moved to Calgary. Moved on my own. It was hell. 

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  1. Sku Tufik Sku Tufik

    Hi, I'm from Calgary too. I've already moved on my own once. After that time, I decided that I won't do it on my own anymore. My next move I had help from Calgary Movers https://www.moverscalgary.ca. They packed everything properly, loaded and unloaded everything right into the apartment on the 8th floor. At the same time, I did not pay extra, everything was included in the price, which, by the way, is not much.

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  2. Anonymous

    I'm comfortable moving on my own, since I have a small gazelle. At the most I ask my friends for help. Why spend extra money

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