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Flirting with others

How do you all feel about your partner flirting with others? Do you let him do it? How do you tell the difference between flirting and regular communication?

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  1. Anonymous

    I am strongly against flirting with other people in relationships. For me it is also cheating. If your partner has such a desire, it means he has an interest in other people, and is already cold to you. Recently I started noticing that my husband behaves strangely with girls. I thought it was just normal communication too. But somehow, I came across an article https://signscheating.com/signs-he-is-micro-flirting/ about micro flirting and its manifestations. And I realized that my husband was openly flirting with other girls. Talking to him, he admitted that he was interested in other girls. We said goodbye to him after that

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  2. Anonymous

    Flirting should be, but in a relationship. Definitely not with other people. It is as much treachery as adultery.

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