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Anna Lynn

Everything of the Elden Ring map that you should know

Map Fragments & Markers

You begin with an incomplete map, but as you collect map fragments, you can gradually complete it. Map fragments were discovered close to a stele. The location of stelae is shown on an unexplored map, and in most cases, getting to them is not difficult because they are not too far from major highways. You may place up to a hundred individual marks on your elden ring map.

Beacons and Direction

When the game world is this large and expansive, orientation is critical, and Elden Ring provides Beacons as a solution to the game mechanic of constantly looking at the map. By using the map, the player will be able to build beacons wherever on the map. Once set up, the beacons may be seen from a large distance and will display on the world without the user having to look at a map.

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