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Chungwook Sim

Title and CASE ID needed in the parameters table

When you click the parameters from dataview, you only see the ID (computer generated) and the parameters.

The title and Case ID should be in the columns for viewing data.  I  acutally think it should both be in dataview and also while doing the bulk update as well.

For now, the user have to copy the computer generated ID from case information and paste that to the parameters bulk update table and use it.


But, not only for input but also when you are viewing, it makes no sense to researcher to look back and forth to find which specimen he is looking into.

I wish there are both the Title and Case ID in the parameters table.

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  1. Ann Christine . Catlin

    Sudheera has added this capability to the Case Parameters. Users will see the System ID, Title and Case ID when they get a spreadsheet from the parameter Bulk Upload. They can then put all their parameters data in the spreadsheet while looking at the Title and Case ID.

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  2. Chungwook Sim

    Thank you Ann Christine and Sudheera!!


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  4. John Stevens

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