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skfd Asks: Is "outstaffing" a real word?

In Russia a lot of companies provide "outstaffing" services , but I am not sure whether it's used outside post USSR countries. Is "outstaffing" a real word?


Update: "Outstaffing" is when one company "Outstaffers Inc." provides service to a customer "XYZ Bank" by providing a full time worker. Basically employee of "Outstaffers Inc." becomes a full employee of "XYZ Bank". Except he get's a salary from "Outstaffers Inc.".

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  1. Den DenBem Bem

    Outstaffing in CIS countries is still perceived with apprehension. The reason for this attitude is usually a lack of understanding of what outstaffing really is, ignorance of the law or unwillingness to lose control over processes. Outstaffing services are often provided by enterprises of different forms of ownership, except state. The clients are usually private entrepreneurs, as well as various legal entities.

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  2. Lola LolaLo Lo

    O pessoal contratado é "alugado" um certo especialista para trabalhar no projeto do cliente, que faz parte do pessoal da empresa contratante (pessoal externo). Este especialista faz parte da equipe do cliente junto com todos os outros funcionários, e seu trabalho é supervisionado por gerentes ou por uma pessoa especialmente autorizada.

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