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HyunGu Jeong

order of columns in datasets

 It would be more convenient to have the order in datasets as below 

  Title/ ID/ report/ data/pics or drawings and then keywords/sources/ compilers.

 This is because, I think, people are more willing to check the report or actual data (files) first . Once they found what they want to read or use then they would check sources later.

 Like this abundant big-data-hub in variety areas,  people get easily annoyed by scrolling to find what they want. (Also, here "datacenterhug.org" requires, we have to scroll from left to right!)

 I am  a 17" laptop (not small) user but I could not see whole columns at once. So I think, the order of columns in datasets needs to be re-ordered for user's convenience as I mentioned above.

( and I do not think column for keywords is really necessary-once you clicked the title, at the bottom of the webpage, you can see the tags "keywords"  or it could be relocated to the last column )

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  1. Jill Pope

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  2. Anna shetty Shetty

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  3. Nelson john Frank

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