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Make a portrait of your target customer Instagram

The first and very important thing is to understand who is your ideal follower and your ideal client. You need to create a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is a detailed description of the representative of your target audience. It won't be a real client but a fictional character who you want to attract to your Instagram blog.

While making a portrait of your ideal client/creating a buyer persona, you need to go deep into detail. What characteristics can be included?

Demographics (age, gender, location, family status)
The ordinary day (wake up time, everyday activities, transport)
Education, job, solvency, spending power, and patterns
Interests, hobbies, challenges, social media preferences and etc

As a result, you will get a CV of an ideal follower of your blog. Let me remind you one more that you have just created a fictional person with the characteristics of your best potential customer. Such a portrait will help you understand the triggers that will hook such people and attract them to your Instagram blog.

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