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John Staples

Where do you find free math worksheets with answers/explainations?

Currently in my 11th year of School, and I've been personally having a lot of trouble with learning things from my functions/physics classes, as well as the resources provided by the teacher not providing me enough information to learn it by myself (most of the resources have no information by themselves, need to be explained by someone beforehand). While Khan Academy/jensenmath are both good resources for learning how to do something, I cant find resources to put it to use. Where can I find questions to help practice math/pyhsics?

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  1. Kentrell Gigi

    Hi all, I think the worksheets are very popular, but not all have explanations for the answers. Here personally I prefer the Brighterly online school where there are measuring units worksheets. I think they will help you more than once, and this online school has a huge number of worksheets.
    I think I helped you with your question.

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