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Both coaches took distinct paths, yet they mirrored their respective paths. Taylor made Madden 23 coins use of his experiences as a passer to become a QB coaching coach at Miami, McVay doing the same with wide receivers in Washington. Both have shown incredible potential for their offensive talents as they were young, and being promoted to the role of offensive coordinator at incredibly young ages. Taylor was promoted to the position of offensive coordinator of the Dolphins at the age of 30. with McVay becoming Washington's offensive coordinator at 28.

Both were trapped in terrible situations, yet both excelled. Taylor was acknowledged for creating Ryan Tannehill as a passer and raising the Dolphins to the top, while McVay tried his best could with an offensive lineup that was not great under Jay Gruden.

The biggest shock came in 2017 when McVay was named the head coach to the Rams. The youngest head coach in Madden NFL 23 time The hiring was a massive leap of faith. While he'd done great things with people like Kirk Cousins, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson, it was a very bold decision.

It wasn't as good of luck for Taylor who was a victim with the Dolphins sinking ship returning to his college football to rebuild his resume for the Cincinnati Bearcats. Then, not even a season into his newly-created position, Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville abandoned the team, resigned, leaving Taylor in the dust. It was now clear that Taylor's bright offensive brain would be wiped out, swallowed by a new regime and left out to dry.

Luckily there was someone who believed in Taylor's potential. He met the man who created Tannehill and saw the real talent. Sean McVay had found his new wide receivers coach in Los Angeles. The trick to the hire was identifying future problems on his staff. McVay was aware the quarterbacks' coach Greg Olson was making a brief visit to the Rams, and would unquestionably be dismissed, as would offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur which was receiving the attention of head coaches as well. Taylor could be the ideal candidate to take over and help Jared Goff's growth.

In just McVay's third season as head coach and Taylor's first season as QB coach Goff performed well and his Rams cheap mut 23 coins  won it to Super Bowl. The team was not yet ready to face the Patriots however, the potential of their youthful offensive-oriented strategy had paid huge dividends.

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