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Daniel Brian

Increase Shopify conversion rates

There are many ways to increase Shopify conversion rates but first, you should ask yourself what kind of increase you want. Is it an increase in quantity or in quality? That is how you should approach this issue. If you want a large quantity increase, then you should create scarcity. If you want a higher quality increase, then you should focus on the rewards of buying and play on the customer's emotions.

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  1. Bogdan Evgen Subaru

    Hello! The eCommerce industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom, and the situation is unlikely to change in the coming years. The number of online stores is growing, and their quality is steadily increasing. Now, in order to start selling online, it is not enough to create a template store on a free theme, add photos from stocks and copy the texts of competitors. Today it is important to pay attention to naming, branding, usability design, because this is what will distinguish your online store from hundreds of similar ones in your niche. Check how to increase conversion rate shopify in more detail, this will help you avoid mistakes and look at the development of your store in a different way.

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