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Daniel Brian

Online reviews and comments about company

Online reviews and comments can have a big impact on your brand and bottom line. That's according to a recent study, which found that companies with more positive online reviews and ratings fared better financially than those with fewer positive reviews.

The study also found that companies with more negative online reviews and ratings suffered financial losses. The bottom line? Positive reviews can lead to increased sales, while negative reviews can lead to decreased sales.

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  1. Bogdan Evgen Subaru

    Howdy! Today there are many online resources where users can leave their reviews of companies, and it is important for businesses to respond to them quickly. It is worth saying that many companies offer review management services but one of the best is PissedConsumer, which users usually come to when they have problems with a company. Therefore, if you use their services, you will be able to monitor all the reviews that customers write about you with high quality and quickly respond to them.

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