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I need $400 usd and can repay back $550 total on January 2nd.

Please help I am desperate and don't know what else to do. I keep getting scammers on here. Ugh I don't want to ask but I have to we have nothing for Christmas. Please. I also need gas and just everyday items. I can't believe I am asking this. Please help. Cash app. Venmo.

Edit: i was contacted by someone who could give me a loan. I'm desperate and all documents look legit. Literally nothing about the documents I filled out said "scam" and this person was in constant contact with me through the process. Up until I sent my personal info. It's been almost 12 hours and no answer.

Those of you in dire need of extra funds especially being Christmas eve in a couple of hours, please don't send any personal info. I know it's hard and it's awful to imagine there are predators out there who will try to screw you even when at your lowest. Of course it's my fault as well. But I have no other options and it really did look legit. If anyone wants the name of the person then you can message me. Im giving it until tomorrow morning at 9am and if I do not hear back then I will post the name publicly.

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