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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #407

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John Staples

Custom jewelry

Looking to get a ring and possibly necklace made from a pair of cufflinks that were a very special gift but I don't wear cufflinks.

Don't feel like walking into a place where people drop 100k on wedding rings and asking for a pedestrian piece on the cheap.

Any recc? Will any jeweler do this? Anyone cool out there help with a design?

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  1. Kentrell Gigi

    Hi all! Yes, a jeweler can make a custom ring and necklace out of your cufflinks. This usually requires customization and design, so the cost may be higher than for standard jewelry. I can recommend the online jewelry store Itshot private jewelers from that store will help you with custom made jewelry. They offer a wide selection of materials including gold, silver, diamonds, and other gemstones that can be used to create high-quality jewelry.

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  2. Lucy ΠΆ March

    Creating custom jewelry from a pair of cufflinks that hold sentimental value is a wonderful idea for a retirement gift. Here's how you can transform the cufflinks into a meaningful ring and necklace set:

    1. Find a reputable jeweler: Look for a jeweler who specializes in custom designs and can work with you to repurpose the cufflinks into a ring and necklace.

    2. Discuss your vision: Talk to the jeweler about your intentions and share any specific ideas you have in mind for the ring and necklace. 

    3. Design process: The jeweler will work closely with you to create a design concept for the ring and necklace. 

    Customizing the cufflinks into a ring and necklace set will not only repurpose a cherished gift but also create unique and meaningful pieces that can be worn and treasured in a new way. It showcases your thoughtfulness and the effort you put into creating a personalized retirement gift.

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